July 30th
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trying to blog when one direction isn’t doing anything


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July 30th
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July 29th
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July 29th
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July 29th
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July 29th
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#liam is fucking poseidon king of the ocean #and 4 other crabs


July 29th
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July 28th
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Will never get over the arms in this picture

July 28th
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BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, 24/05.

July 28th
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Zarry and the Palestine/Israel Conflict



yo so i’ve noticed a lot of people confused about the Palestine Israel conflict and what zayn and harry have said about it; so i thought i’d put together a masterpost of all the times it has come up with them. feel free to let me know (nicely lol) if any of the info i have in here is wrong; but i…

Taylor, I guess this is what might be really happening.

Ahh I think this is a case of people looking too far into stuff once again and Ben Winston once again being insensitive and terrible.